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About Me

My name is Neil Castellano and I have been collecting Baseball Cards and Baseball related collectibles for over 35 years. I love the game of Baseball and the history, stats and pastime behind it. 
​I always wanted my own shop and when I was in my early 20's was a show promoter in New Jersey. But with work and school that was put on hold but still collected as much as I could. I collect who I like and cards that look good, this is a hobby and not a business, I am not looking for an alternative investment from this. If I like it and can afford it, I will buy or trade for it. If I can make a few dollars selling some items, I sure will so that I can keep my love of this hobby going. I enjoy meeting and getting to know others who have a love of the game of Baseball and collecting what represents it. 

What I collect

I buy anything, but the below is what I collect

I collect everything Baseball related, some of my more sought after items are below.

Certified Autographs

Baseball cards as listed on my want pages

Vintage New York Mets collectibles

Mr. and Mrs. Met

Vintage Brooklyn Dodgers Collectibles

Pre 1985 TOPPS wax Wrappers

Pre 1985 TOPPS Display boxes

Pocket schedules (all teams)

Ticket stubs ( especially World Series)

Advertising/dealer ad sheets etc..

anything signed and certified

Oddball items

Team giveaways

Unopened packs, cello, wax trays pre 85

bobble heads

​***my son collects wwe items especially replica belts, sealed lego sets, older complete lego city sets with instructions, and vintage complete power rangers**

so I am opened to these as well
Purpose of website

I love this hobby, but have seen too many changes. Hobby shops are non existing, card shows are scarce and many old timers are not around. For those still in it for the love of the hobby, we need to stick together. Looking to build a hobby social meetup group for all interested in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area . Mainly looking for a collectors day filled with traders, box breaks, share in cases, thoughts and ideas on hobby etc ... You can always contact me at the links on the bottom of these pages or simply email me at
Where you can find me

Website ....

EBAY .... bbbuyselltrade

EBAY .... Conoversportscards1 and Players-Club-Sports

Trading website .... my username is bigtimecollector
The Bench ....( still getting used to it) ID is BBcardtrader​

I am also a partner at Players Club Sports
we specialize in player and celebrity appearances, memorabilia, cards, and charity auctions

Contact Us
Have something to sell?

If it has a baseball player, team, stadium or reference on it, I am interested, no item too small or no collection too big ........
Where are my New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania traders and collectors??

I am  looking to formulate a collectors/traders group in New Jersey  to meet up at a local spot to assist each other in their collecting needs .. perhaps share in box and case breaks or network with each other